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I have found a website that has mention of my 4xgreat grandparents on it and
while I’m in the process of finding all the church book records for myself,
I’m having trouble finding my 4xgreat grandfather’s death.

According to the website he died March 1833, but it doesn’t say where he

The facts I have are –

Hermann Gerhard von OVEN – born 27. März 1785, getauft/baptised 30. März
1785 in Osternburg – Vater – Jacob Hermann von OVEN und Christina Sophia

He married 31. August 1814 to Susanne Alide KOLFF in Delft, Netherlands.

From 1815 – 1830, Hermann Gerhard von OVEN was working as Amtseinnehmer in

Bockhorn. I have also found the births of 9 children in Bockhorn between
1815 – 1829.

I have no trace of Hermann after 1830. I have searched the Bockhorn church
books for his death, no record of him there. I have searched the Osternburg
and Oldenburg church books for his death and no record of him there either.
I have even searched the Rastede church books, where Susanne married her 2nd
husband, Gerhard EILERS in 1848 and no record of his death there either.

Could anyone with access to any OFB’s for the Oldenburg area please have a
look to see if my Hermann’s death might be mentioned in one of them and if
not at least I know where not to search.

Thank you for any help.

Schöne Grüße

Faye (Ammermann)

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