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I think the hint from Uwe G. POMMERENING is quite good. I will use it

Also - I recently received from my distant cousin, Floyd WINNER, Coldwater,
Ohio (which is near Minster, Ohio)a book compiled by the Minster Ohio
historical society that shares the drawings and diary of Liwat BOKE who came
from Neuenkirchen to Cincinnati area in about 1820. Floyd and I are both
Neuenkirchen/Voerden area of Oldenburg. That compilation was very helpful
in explaining why so many from Neuenkirchen and surrounding communities
found there way to Cincinnati. It was also a fascinating explanation of the
lifestyle this really remarkable woman had as she and her husband pioneered
as farmers 75 miles north of Cincinnati.

The basic explanation squares with an earlier comment - that one or more
early immigrants from Oldenburg came to Cincinnati (sailing down the Ohio
river), found the area similar to the area they left, and "pitched" the area
to family and friends.

Should anyone have interest in the book from Minster Ohio Historical Society
($25) I can ask Floyd for ordering information.


Doug Westerhaus