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Dear List,
I wish to write a letter to this person.. but I do not know how to write the German Language. Can one help?

Hans Joachim Hanses
Kurat-Frank-Stra�e 20
D - 87600 Kaufbeuren
Feldhaus von 1800 bis 1856 in Hasel�nne

Dear Mr. Hanses,
I believe my a member of my family FELDHAUS immigrated from near the area your FELDHAUS ancestors were from. They were catholic.

I found a copy of Lukas Feldhaus aswander at Osnabrueck Archives. His aswander was recorded from Laehden on March 15, 1859 to Mellville [?], the reason, in Melville [?] to heiraten. [in Mellville will Heriaten]

I found him on the passenger for the ship Adler which arrived in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA on May 27, 1859. I believe he immigrated with or met the TOEBBEN/TOBBEN family from the Helte, Bokeloh on this ship.

He was married to Margaretha Adelheid Toebben on Sept. 1, 1857 at Shrine of Saint Joseph Catholic Church in Saint Louis Missouri. His marriage record named his father as Johan Heinrich FELDHAUS. His marriage record named his mother as Helena SCHNELTEN, it may have been SCHNELT.

His date of birth was July 16, 1825 in the village of Laehden, Holte Parish, per a friend of mine that just made a trip to the Elmsland.
His wife Margaret Adelheid Toebben was born Jan 16, 1839 in Helte, parish in Bokeloh.

Her parents were Johan Heinrich Toebben and Helena Maria Wolters. On the passenger list from the Ship Adler which arrived in New Orleans on May 27, 1859 Adelheid's fathers name was recorded as Henry Tobben and her mothers name was recorded as Maria Ges. Tobben. and there were a number of children.

The names of Lukas and Adelheids children were:

Johan Bernard FELDHAUS was born in 1862 in St Louis City, Mo, USA.

was born on 10 Nov 1864. He died in Jan 1927. Martin was married January 12, 1888 at the Shrine of Saint Joseph German Church to Catharine Apollonia Grotepahler. Her father was Franz Grotepahler and her mother was Theresia Bissmier. Frans father was [Jacob] Schmallhorst and his mother was Ida Kuhlage, and the were from Westerwiehe near Reitberg, west of Paderborn.

The other children were:

Johan Herman FELDHAUS was born on 20 Nov 1866 in St Louis City, Mo, USA.

Bernard Joseph FELDHAUS was born in 1869 in St Louis City, Mo, USA.

Anne Margaret FELDHAUS was born in 1872 in St Louis City, Mo, USA.

Anthony Herman FELDHAUS was born on 10 Aug 1874 in St Louis City, Mo, USA

Johan Wilhelm FELDHAUS was born on 24 Sep 1876 in St Louis City, Mo, USA.

John FELDHAUS was born on 26 Dec 1878 in St Louis City, Mo, USA