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Christine -

Thanks for your reply - I knew you couldn't visit places but wasn't sure if
you had some sort of data bases or something that you could tap into so gave
you all the information. I know eventually I will have to visit or hire
some one to do that for me. When I come, it would only be for a short time
so I will need to figure out where to go and make some contacts ahead of
time so I can be as efficient as possible.

I have tried LDS and Family Search although I may not be maximizing my use
of them. I have found several Gottlieb Goldammers but can't tell if it is
mine or not. I was hoping I would see a Gottlieb Goldammer with sons whose
names were August, Herman, Ehrgott and Fredrick but no such luck so far.

On my great, great grand parents' marriage, I was also thinking that they
were already married either in the civil courts or common law and they
needed a certificate for the trip. Is there such a thing as common law
marriage in Germany?

Can you explain further what a 'Familienverband' is? What was their
purpose? Why did they form? How are they related to each other?

Three of my Goldammers (August, Ehrgott, Herman) are listed as farmers on
the ship documents and that is what they did when they came here. They all
bought fairly large farms for the times so I think they may have had some
money. The fourth one (Fredrick) was also listed as a farmer on the ship
but worked as a carpenter when he came here. He bought city property and
not a farm.

The only document that I have from Germany is a bad copy of August's and
Ernestine's marriage certificate. I have scanned it and have attached it.
I guess we will see if an attachment will go through.

I am meeting with a 91 year old cousin next week. Maybe she can give me
some clues.

Do you think that church records would be the most useful or are there some
sort of civil records? I might try to write to this church in Hernsdorf
where the certificate is from. I am thinking about going to Germany maybe
late spring like in May.

Thanks for your assistance and will take any information you run across.

Deborah -

I tried to send a mail directly to dgoldammer@mchsi.com - but it did not
work twice.
(Undelivered Mail returned to Sender)

Please tell me your correct mail-adress



Because of our privat mail-problems here the translation for "Standesamt"

Standesamt is in Germany the civil registry office or registrar of civil
status - Standesamt-certificates normally are better then churchbook
certificates - Napoleon was the first one to start "Standesamter" in 1810 -
most regions start later - and everywhere in Germany you can find (had to
be) a Standesamt since 1875.

A merry christmas and a happy new year to the whole list