Neubacher, Balbach

Hello Lisa,

I know this names in the area around Eydtkuhnen (East Prussia) and Wirballen (Lithuania).
Can I help you?


Hi Grete,
That would be wonderful. My father could not find relatives past his
Grandfather, Christian or August Christian Neubacher and Christina
Balbach. Here is his information:

Christina Balbach Neubacher b. 1835, d. 1922 married
Christian Neubacher probably before 1852

We have a photo of Christina taken in Eydtkuhnen.

They were the parents of
Frederick b. 1853
William b. 1859
August b. 1861
Anna b. 1870
Maria, George and at least 5 other children, several who died as infants

August was my great-grandfather. August Christian Neubacher married Marie
Tautengan, born in Virbalis, LIthuania in 1867.

There's more information but maybe that helps to identify the family if

Thank you so much,