Need help translating baptismal entry from Hille

I found my 2ggrandfather's baptismal entry in the
records from Hille and I have a digital scan of it.
I'm able to read enough of the old script to find all
the important data (names, dates, wohnung, etc.), but
the entry is a full page and there's a lot of
information that I'm unable to fully understand
because of idiomatic usage and the difficulty of
reading the handwriting. Can anyone help me with a
transation of this entry if I send them a scan? I
would appreciate just having it transcribed into
modern German...


Hello Larry,

give me a try.



Hello Larry,
would you like to send it to me? I am familiar with the Suetterlin writing -
my grandmother taught me and I would like to give it a try.

Hallo Larry,
send me a scan.
I hope helping you.
RegardsBernhard Christoph