Nachkommen oldenburgischer Auswanderer

Moin und Frohe Pfingsten,

hier die Weiterleitung einer Buchvorstellung über die Nachkommen von Oldenburger Auswanderern.

Mit genealogischen Grüßen aus dem verregneten Wiefelstede

Fritz (Buentemeyer)

I am donating four Family History Books to the Leigh Public Library. These
books are a compilation of over six years of research. Each is in a binder
with a table of contents and index for easy reference.

They are:


The Groteluschen Family, from Oldenburg, Germany, is the largest family ever
to settle in the State of Nebraska, as can be determined. Most of the
Lueschen and Lusche Families are members of this family as their ancestors
were named Groteluschen and the actual German Church records verified this
Much confusion has arisen over the years as to the correct spelling of the
name. The “e" (Grotelueschen) was added in the United States to replace the
German umlaut. This happened to other German names, also.
Larger families from the area, who intermarried into the Groteluschen
Family, include Asche, Ahrens, Bakenhus, Hake, Hespe, Hillen, Korte, Loseke,
Marty, Muhle, Sander, and Wurdeman.


Originally spelled in Germany with two n’s, the Wurdeman Family grew to be
quite large.
Larger families from the area, who intermarried into the Wurdeman Family,
include Ahrens, Asche, Bakenhus, Feye, Groteluschen, Loseke, and Wilke.


Records from this family date back to at least 1620 in Freisenheim. In the
later 1800’s, this was a large family in the Shell Creek and Columbus area.
Many have moved away, and across the United States the family is quite
Larger families from the area, who intermarried into the Erb Family, include
Engel, Groteluschen, Kumpf, Loseke, Marty, and Morlok.


This family originated from Schleswig-Holstein, and one of the largest
surnames in Germany. Today the surname is spread out extensively in
Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

These books can also be viewed via the internet at the following website-

Bill Ehlers
Leawood, KS.

Moin and Happy Pentecost to you, too Fritz.

I've been enjoying your new web page, and was particularly impressed with
the huge photo at the family reunion. I think you and I have corresponded
some time earlier because there is a Stulken in your family tree. I have
a question for you. According to the information I received from a
distant cousin in Germany, my ancestor, Johann Stulken, was married on 11
Nov 1761 in Wiefelstede. Is there a church at Wiefelstede to which I
could write for more information? Or do you know someone there whom I
could hire to do further research? By 1844, the family was in Gristede.
I don't know where they were in the intervening generations.

Thanks and best wishes.

Marilyn in Wisconsin