Hello Everyone:

I am new to the List so I thought I would post my research interests. I am
researching the METZENER Family. My interest is Bromley Caroline METZENER,
born 1793 in Lisbon, Portugal. Her grandfather Arnold Hinrich METZENER and
his half-brother Bernard Heinrich METZENER were merchants from Bremen that
settled in Lisbon, Portugal in the mid 1700s. Bromley�s father was Johann
Heinrich METZENER, 1757-1801. Her mother was Wilhelmine Maria ILLIUS, born
1756 in Lisbon, died 1835 in Walcott, Bath, England. Bromley married John
Dearman CHURCH in London in 1814. They moved back to Lisbon and later to
Florence Italy where John Dearman CHURCH died in 1828. Bromley and her 3
children moved back to England after her husband�s death. In 1833 she
married Thomas CROKAT in Walcott, Bath, England. She died in London, England
in 1845.

Bromley�s brother was Wilhelm METZENER, born 1794 in Lisbon, died 1871 in
Niendorf an der Stecknitz. I am presently researching Wilhelm�s family. He
married Johanne Henriette ANDERSON in Hamburg in 1821. They lived in
Niendorf an der Stecknitz where Wilhelm was Rittergutsbesitzen, Erb and
Gerichtherr. Their marriage produced 5 sons and 5 daughters. Their Manor
House in Niendorf was last owned by his son Maximillian Theodor METZENER and
was sold to the Duchy of Lauenburg in 1928. If anyone has any information
about this Manor House or the METZENER family I would be most grateful for
anything. Does anyone know if there are any portrait paintings of the
METZENER Family still in this Manor House ? Their son Alfred METZENER was a
very famous landscape painter.

�Die Maus� in Bremen have been very helpful with the early history of the

I am trying to link a METZNER family in Peine, near Hanover, circa 1700s to
the METZENERs. According to the METZENER family history Johann METZENER
left Bremen in the mid 1600s and settled in Osnabrueck. He took an �e� out
of his name and became METZNER. One of his children moved to Celle which is
very close to Peine. Frederick METZNER, a merchant from Peine lived in
London in the early 1700s. He returned to Germany and was a partner in the
Luneburger Bank. I am trying to link Frederick�s family to Bromley�s family
in England.

Greetings from Canada,

Ann Hentschel,
Sarnia, Ontario, Canada.