Mesmaier-Mesmayer-Meersman ALTENAU

Hello everybody.

   I am new on this forum and writing from Spain, eventhough I am coming
   originally from Belgium.

   I just hope somebody will be able to help me with :

   Mesmaier-Mesmayer-Mesmager-Meersman (etc.etc) Johannes Fredericus born
   in 1759 in Altenau. He married, probably in Ostend, with Grooten Maria
   Josepha. He was a sailor and was already absent for many years when
   his daughter married in 1813.

   That�a exactly all I know, so I hope somebody has a lost J. Fredericus
   somewhere in his family tree.

   Thanks ever so much



    If you do a search here for Meersman,

you will get a result involving that name around Clausthal-Zellerfeld
(which is near Altenau). There is a person there that you could contact.

Good luck,

  Hello everybody.

Hello colisities

   Kann jemand helfen ?

   Ich s�che irgend eine Art von info �ber die Vorfahren von :

   MESMAYER-MESMAIER-MESMAGER Johannes Fredericus � Altenau 1759.

   Er kan nach Ostende ca 1790 wo er sieben Kinder hatte

   That�s all I know, very little indeed.

   I would be grateful if you possibly could answer in English, I don�t
   speak any German, a friend translated this, but will also translate
   your answer, if necessary.

   Es w�re sehr nett venn sie mir auf English antworten k�nten.

   Vielen Dank und freundliche Gr�sse aus Spanien


Hello Micheline,

     On this page is the church of Altenau in the Harz area:

   This is the pastor's address:

   I don't read German either, but while searching I think there may have
also been a Catholic church there at one time.

   I am not sure what you mean in the next line about Ostende. There are a
lot of people on this list who do not know German either!! That looks like
the name of another town.

   I would suggest that the name may also have been spelled Mesmeyer or
Mesmeier. There are no people with that name in Germany now. See this:

  There is a R. Mesmeyer who is on a shiplist from Germany to USA, a woman
age 24. Arrival 1880.
  Also, a man listed C. Mesmeyer, a tailor, age 28 from Germany, Arrival
April 9, 1854.

   There are a few names like that in the U.S. census.

Good luck,

Hello Barbara, Hi Barney,

   Thanks very much for your mails, I don�t think I will have much luck
   with my Johann Frederic Mesmayer (Mesmeier etc, etc,) He seems to have
   been travelling a lot. He�s born in Germany, married - God knows where
   - a Dutch girls, had children in Ostend (Belgium) and probably died
   on a boat or in sea.

   Thanks a lot for your suggestions. I will see what I can find.




I remember seeing the surname Messmer as I was doing specific passenger list search using locality Bergedorf.

Even thought only slimist chance chance of result for you, especially sinse your time-line of Messmer Family is much older than these.

Well... I post my findings of surname Messmer here anyway.


Bergedorf, Germany
1923 22 1901 . . . . . 601535080071 (Passenger I.D.*.)

Cousin: Edward Messmer,
1023 Madison Ave, Indianapolis,IN. *********

Father: Johann Messmer, Bergedorf Brink. 6