Meaning of last name, here: the prefix "Mar-"

Thank you, Wilfried and Hans Peter, for encouraging me in my "Meyer"
construction. I enjoy these discourses, not necessarily wanting to be
right.... but for the sheer pleasure of learning... and expanding on these

During my own research (Dornedde, Pfl�ger, Heuer, Schwarz) in the Wallensen
and Hemmendorf churchbook, I did a bit of side research for a Marahrens
friend of mine. It was there that I came across a "Mehrahrens" first of all,
a shepherd from "Hadderoda" (which is Harderode). It stayed in my mind.
Sometime after that, I came across "Meyrahrens", and then even the
"Meyerahrens" in the same context.

Reading Bob's mail, all this came back to me. And it seemed logical that it
might imply the same sort of thing in the Marhenkes' case.

It feels good to receive these supporting comments from you. Thanks again. I
am sure Bob will enjoy this, too.