Max Langer Translation

Hello listmembers! Someone has sent me an entry from an 1869 city
directory that I believe refers to my great-grandfather, Maximilien
Langer. It's in the old style script, but I believe it says this:

*Langer, Max, Arbtsm., Leher Chaussee 92 *

I interpret the third word as "Arbeitsmann," correct? A worker of some
kind? (Family history tells me he was a Schornsteinfager.) Does "Leher
Chausee 92" confirm that he did indeed live in Lehe, near Bremerhaven?

Is there any way I can use this as a springboard to other things? I see on
Google Maps that there is a "Leher Landstrasse" in Langen (not Lehe), near
Bremerhaven, and it's only 5.7 km from where my mother was born, so that
seems promising, doesn't it? Google Maps doesn't have a street view for
me, unfortunately, but it looks like it's right next to a Burger King :frowning:

If I could establish the church the family attended in the 1880's, would
that be helpful? I cannot find it at the moment, but I've seen a photo of
my grandmother and her two sisters in the 1960's standing in front of the
church they attended at it's 100th anniversary (I think). If I could
figure out what church that was, then I could go farther, right? This is
the first little clue I've come upon, so I'm excited.


Hi Elise

Arbeitsmann would be translated to day labourer / laborer. A person without a trade. Schornsteinfeger / Chimney sweep was and is a trade.. You would not call yourself a Chimney sweep without journeyman's papers. At least not on Germany. In the United States or Canada everything was off the table and you could and often would call yourself anything you wanted to.

Leher Chaussee 92 is just a house address. The Chaussee leads TO Lehe. In order to classify as a Chaussee it had to be a larger, connecting road leading to Lehe. In your case the assumption of Landstra�e would be correct. To look for additional information you may want to look at a good road map. Lehe in itself has several churches, but the church on the picture would help. I'm quite sure some of our group are living in Bremerhaven..

Hope it helps you along.


Uwe-Karsten Krickhahn
Medicine Hat, Alberta
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