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After many years of searching, I have finally discovered from the Hamburg Emigration Records that before leaving Germany the last residence of my great-grandfather Stephan Barnosky (bc 1857, parents: Andreas Barnosky and Mariana [Michalska?]) was Beestland, Pommern. I have been told that Beestland's records (church, census, etc.) may be included in Mecklinburg's or perhaps in Demmin's records.

I am very unfamiliar with these records and so would appreciate any help or to be pointed in the right direction. Unfortunately, my access to records is limited to whatever I can order through the LDS library, which aren't many, unless I am not looking into the right regions.

As I said, I'm new to researching this area, so I look forward to hearing from those more experienced with the records of this region., or perhaps from someone who has access the records containing Beestland information.

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Hi Kathleen,
my booklet says Beestland ( D17111)belongs to the parish D 17159 Levin, in the middle between Dargun and Demmin.
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Hans J�rgen

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