Location of a Town

I need a little help. This request does not pertain to Schlesien, but I
thought I would ask anyway.
I would like to find out the location of a town in Germany "Heinrichstahl",
it may have a zip code of 63871. I can not find this town on my map of
Can anybody help?

Don Geistert


on your map, you will find on the right site of the Town of Frankfurt a.M.
the Motorway E41, follow it and you come to Aschaffenburg - H�sbach, follow
the Road 26
that brings you to Laufach and a bit further right "Heigen-
br�cken" now you go up to the North, about 10 km,
and " Heinrichstahl " is there, it is also about 15 km right
from the Town Sch�llkrippen .
i hope you will find it now.

peter kerschl
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