I haven't seen so much action here since the Plattdeutsch wars! Who started this whole thing? Who's the culprit behind this clever ploy for a roll call? A roll call should be called a ROLL CALL, not a LIST PLEA! Of course I can't recall the last time we had a RC on H-L, if ever! So could it be you Juergen behind this slight of hand (or are you just grinning) or perhaps big daddy Rumps as he tools across the US in his ever mobile trailer? (ANTE UP YOUR PRESENT LOCATION FRED, AND CLEAR YOUR NAME!).�

Or did it simply "emerge" and take on a life of its own from the Thaden's addy book (there were rather nebulous references to Plaxo cards and vCards, as if it wasn't confusing enough!). Soon our friend Reiner from Hamm joined the fray and quickly obliged the Thaden "initiative". Next thing you know Maurice Woolsoncroft declares that Yes! He wishes to remain on the list! Wolfgang from Barsinghausen adds a bit more fuel to the fire (lots and lots of family names to boot) with his clear "confirmation", and then Maurice reaffirms he STILL wants to stay in the listing! Soon Erika and Harold and J.S. (and everyone who was ever anyone here) is throwing out their pleas to remain subscribed to H-L while the oldest hens of the list remain A) bewildered B) slightly suspicious C) amused D) looking for a way to introduce Plattdeutsch into all this E) all of the above. (Note: Jb remains in the latter category, should it matter)

Now, where are the German-speaking pleas? Hopefully it isn't just the Anglo speaking subscribers getting booted off the list surreptitiously! Deutschlanders sprich! Don't be left behind!�

ATTN: FIRE! FIRE IN THE HOUSE! (oh wait a minute, that's a different prank).�

What's the old saying? Mal den Teufel nicht an die Wand! I think so maybe.�


PS. Ok my turn :: I BEG YOU, DON'T CAST ME OFF! Dear list admin: Please, I beseech you. Don't be ein Teufel here! I want to remain.

MY NAMES : SCHMIDT, M�LLER, WEBER, SCHULTZ and MEYER (and you wonder why I drink a lot). :wink:

HELP! HELP ME (especially with those first two!)

Good response John!!!

But I think the riot has started!!! Marshmallows anyone??


Hello listers,

I'm glad that I have refused to keep track of all this 'me too'.

And now I am happy, someone has found the right words. As I recall,
this is a genealogical list, not a 'me too' list. There has been
no necessarity to a 'keep me on'. Why should it ever?

John had a very enlightning respond to this, and Gale responded in
a very good way. So let me - hopefully I'm the last - jump in too
- and you all guess it already - me too (but only referring to the
two(!) mentioned mails) :wink:

BTW: if marshmallows are not enough - I might look into a Dairy Queen
and we all have a Sheet Cake within moments. Interesting: we could
draw a familytree with our fingers and write 'me too' on the side :slight_smile:

Okay: without talking nonsense - whoever initiated this, must have
been a bit spoofy.

Regards, and happy chases
Ralf Stamporek schrieb:

I checked the archived messages, and found that one lister was updating his own contact list. Here is his message:

"I'm updating my address book. If you wish, please send us your
updated contact info so we can stay in touch."

It had nothing to do with remaining on this Hannover list -- it's only one person working on his address book. The list administrator did not request that we submit our names.

If you want to see the whole message, go to the arcives and read the messages from 2005/05/19 00:54:11 The subject is "Your contact information."

I personally do not care one way or the other if he has my email address, so I have not responded to his message.


Thank you Mona; Like you, I read this message and thought the same as you.
Now can we stop the emails saying to keep me on the list, since it doe not
apply to the Hanover list.

Doug Plowman

On 20 May 2005 at 18:26, quoted:

>So could it be you Juergen behind this
>slight of hand (or are you just grinning) or perhaps big
>daddy Rumps as he tools across the US in his ever mobile

I'm still here in Florida working on our
garden/park/whatever. We don't plan any long trips
this summer as I want to get this place done first.

For quite some time I've not even been on the list
owner list for this list. J�ergen has been doing such
an admirable job that I could just fade into the
background as a normal list reader. :slight_smile:

I've been wondering how this keep me on the list
thing started and why. Somebody must have gotten a
bounce message or something and responded to the
list. Then everybody else echoed the sentiment.

Everybody should know that this is an open list and
no one is being kicked off.


PS a trailer is something that is pulled - it trails.
We drive a 45' coach which has 500 PS in the rear, ie
it is being pushed and is often called a diesel
pusher. Different worlds.

Fred & Marlies Rump
730 5th St. NW
Naples, FL 34120-2029
239-775-7838 or 239-269-4781 / 609-284-6007(cells) or

Thank you! I thought I was going crazy. That's how I read it, too.