Leims and Pluckhahn from Ganzlin near Plau

Hi Bill,

You are lucky to have the town of your Pluckhahn, many people spend
a lifetime trying to find their ancestral town.

LDS has filmed the church records for the parish of Gnevsdorf, which
serves the city of Ganzlin, so you will likely find more generations.

Let me know if you need any help in ordering the parish records for
Gnevsdorf near Plau, from your local Family History Center.

The film number for these parish records is 69119, and has Baptisms,
Marriages, and Deaths from 1759 to 1891. This comes from the Family
History Library Catalog at:

To find the parish of any town use this Mecklenburg Gazetteer:

Let me know if you need anymore help.


Kruse Family from Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany - Homepage

You wrote:

Some of my "Tree" came from Mecklenburg-Schwerin as well. To tie it down a bit more, they came from Genusdorf, & Ganzlin near Plan. I have Frederick Carl Joachim Leims & Wilhelmine Dorthea Christiane Pluckhahn were both confirmed in the Evangelical Lutheran Church. Frederick's father was Joachim Leims and Wilhelmina's father, Johann Pluckhahn.

Not much else is known except they married May 11, 1853 in Davenport, Scott, Iowa.

Anything you can suggest would be most appreciated.

Hi, Fritz

So good of you to jump in. You are quite right about locating family towns.
We have quite a number of family who came from Germany and few kept any
records. Names include: Lehms, Niemeyer, Koenig and time span from about
1800 to 1860. Will keep on plugging along.