Korf immigrants from Sonneborn - Rieke

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Are you any relation to the Rieke's that settled in Burlington, IA in
the 1800's?

Herb Brudtkuhl

Hello Herb,

That's a very good question! I'm not really sure. I have so many people in
my file that I've sort of lost track of where everyone got off to. I got my
Rieke line entered in my program long before I got smart enough to create a
speadsheet of family names with their locations. What are some of the names of
the Riekes in Burlington? I can check my program & see if they're in there.



I know that Henry Rieke came to Burlington, IA in the 1800's and had 8
children. I only knew a son Arthur who has now died about 30 years

Herb brudtkuhl