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Kl�vekorn (Kl�fkorn) im Kirchspiel Lohne

K�tter K. sa� auf dem Brink in Lohne und war fr�her hofh�rig in
der Landesherrschaft.

1545 Hermann Kl�fkorn
1562 Lampe Kl�fkorn
1593 Tonnies Kl�fkorn

K�tter Werner Kl�fkorn (+1721) und Anna Bockhop

K�ttersitz blieb bei Anna (*1679,+1712), oo 1702 Joh. Schomaker
*1681 Joh. Heinrich
*1687 Anton
*1691 Wolterus (Wolfgang), oo Anna Krimpenfort in u. nach Vechta

Joh. Schomaker, 2oo 1713 Marg. Hagstette, 3oo Anna Bahlmann
*1705 Anton, oo 1740 Maria Nordlohne
*1743 Anton (+1781), oo 1771 Kath. Gertrud Meinerding aus Bokern
*1772 Anton (+1862), oo1797 Kath. Gertrud L�bbe (+1835) (aus Bokern)
         Kind: *1804 Franziska Elisabeth (+1837) oo 1826 Franz
*1775 Anna Maria Elisabeth (+1855), oo 1794 Schmied Anton

There were 2 other Kl�vekorn families in the area around 1700. It is
assumed that these two couples may also have had something to do with
the origin of the Vechta Kl�vekorn families. They were Hermann K &
Elisabeth Bahlmann and Georg K & Katharina Maria Feuerborn.

Dr med Karl J. Nieberg wrote his Stammtafel in 1917 in G�rlitz and
treats the other Kl�vekorns who were a patrician family of old in
Osnbrueck and also can be found as Gografen and Richter in
Bramsche, V�rden and Osterkappeln.

Info from Pagensterts Lohner familien (1927)


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