(kein Betreff)

HiI cannot find the place of birth of my great grandfather. Could you offer some suggestions ?Could you help me find his relatives ?

We have different dates as to when he may have come to this country:
1. 1864 Source is his obituary. age 16
2. June 25th 1867 Source is his first naturalization papers. age 19
3. 1867 Source is the 1910 and 1920 census of MN age 19
4. 1870 Source is the 1900 census. age 22
5. 1870 Source is the 1905 Minnesota state census. age 22 when he came to usa.
So 3 records say 1867 is when he came(his first naturalization record, census of 1910 and 1920.

Mr Krueger, if you have not yet been there, I always recommend trying the
Hamburg departure lists. Of course it's only the great majority but by no
means all, of emigrants who came through Hamburg. But the Hamburg lists
have the great virtue that they give the previous residence of the
I did an un-thorough search through Ancestry, and among the dozens of
possibilities I recommend to you this one as a good example if not the man
for whom you search.
If you know that he travelled alone then of course this is not your man, so
back you go & try the next possible.

This looks like a party of 3, being mother, John & younger sister. (Some
'party', on a 'zwischendeck'...)
I like the birth & travel dates; experienced researchers have taught me that
the most frequent errors in dates are in the years rather than the month or
  You mention his arrival as June 25, so a June 19 departure would be
in the ballpark.
    There's something weird in the New York arrival records
though: the same party of 3 on the same ship "Clio" arriving August 3?
      Maybe they took the long way around the world??
(;>) Anyway:
Name: Joh Krueger
Departure Date: 19 Jun 1863
Birth Date: abt 1845
Age: 18
Gender: männlich (Male)
Relationship: Kind (Child)
Residence: Radworke, Preußen (Germany)
Ship Name: Clio
Accommodation: Zwischendeck
Ship Flag: Deutschland
Port of Departure: Hamburg
Port of Arrival: New York
Household Members:
Henriette Krueger 49
Joh Krueger 18
Pauline Krueger 12

You mentioned 'Radworke', of which I have not previously heard. I hope
someone else on this list knows it.
Along with your prior informants I would also support/suggest giving
Lauenberg in Pomerania a close look.

If you wish to correspond further off-list I am at schwandt@shaw.ca.
Good wishes; good luck.
John Schwandt Winnipeg

PS "Preussen" is in fact German for "Prussia" so don't lean too heavily on
the 'Posen' possibility. I would suggest badly written 'Prague' likely is
also "Prussia".