Keep me on list

Yes, I want to stay of the list.
I am Charles Edward Feld, son of Glen August Feld, and am still searching
for information
about my g-grandfather, William Henry Feld (dt)(t). He was born 22 June
1855 in the Kingdom of Hannover, where, is not certain, but possibly
Lengerich, or Gersten areas. He immigrated to the Clinton County
Illinois area in 1865. He claimed he came to the states alone, and did
not have any parents. I keep running into dead ends in my attempts to
learn the names of his father and mother, and if he had any brothers and

If anyone is researching the Feld, Felt, Feldt name, and has any leads, I
would appreciate any help I can get. I have searched through for over a year, and found him in all the Fed. census' from
1870 to 1930. He died in December 1933.


Chuck Feld
Round Rock, Tx

Hello Chuck,

       Have you seen the book by Walter Tenfelde named Emigration and
Emigrants from the former County of Lingen to the USA? There is an index
online and there are names listed on the pages indicated:

FELD 85, 90, 98, 122, 123, 137, 199

FELDT 123, 249

     There is an email available for Nancy Moss who created the index and
she will do lookups for you:
She is from the Clinton County genealogy group.
      Also, there are Felds listed in the Osnabrück emigrant archives from
Lengerich, Herzlake, and Freren. Also a Feldt from Lengerich. Not your
William Henry though.

Good luck,