Dear members of the list,
found the lately here researched names Seedorf, Ellenberg and Steep in one and
the same list together with the "Kaiser von Deutschland Wilhelm II." They all
were in different years "Sch�tzenk�nig" in Dahlenburg. That is the competition of
best shooting on a wooden bird as part of a yearly folkmeeting. There was best
one and that way "Sch�tzenk�nig" in:

1832: Seedorf sen, Schuhmachermeister ( master of the shoemakers)
1844: Meyer, M�hlenbauer (mill- builder)
1845: Meyer, Schuhmachermeister
1858: Seedorf, Schuhmachermeister
1872: Steep, Schlachtermeister (master of the slaughters)
1875: H.Rump, Schuhmachermeister (for the case Fred Rump looks for Rump-people)
1876: J.Meyer, Tischler (joiner)
1894: Joh.Meyer, Tischlermeister (master of joiners)
1896: E.Ellenberg, K�rschner (furrier)
1911: Kaiser Wilhelm II., Se. Majest�t (his majesty; maybe also a profession)
1988: Jochen Albers, Bauleiter (Building-site-supervisor)

Couldn�t deny myself, to put also the only one late of mine name on the list.
Hope these hints of existing in Dahlenburg may help further research.
Greetings (Hans Peter Albers)

That is interesting information---I had not heard of such a competition.
Also appreciate the transalation of occupations you included!


Gail Frein

I think that is what Americans call "skeet shooting." It is a sport here,

Schuetzen. What exactly is the meaning of that word? I remember a
Schuetzen Park in NJ near my home when I was a small child. I just thought
it was named for a person.

A "Schutzenfest" is a shooting festival. They are held annually in most
towns and villages of northern Germany. Target shooting is a very small
part of the festival, but it does decide who will be the "Schutzenkoenig" or
King of the Shooting festival next year.
I have been fortunate to have attended two of these fests. They normally
are two to three day events, with wonderful parades, pageantry and parties.
Both men and women have uniforms and nearby towns attend with members
dressed in their uniforms. The big celebration dance when the new King is
announced is quite a party. In order to insure the continuation of this
tradition, there is a shooting competition for young boys and a Youth King
is also named.