Juergen Wehrkamp

Hello everyone,

Thanks to Wilfried Petersen and everyone else who helped me with the birth document of my Great Great Great Grandfather Juergen Henrich Wehrkamp born in 1811 in Natrup, Osnabruck, Hannover, Prussia. His father was Jobst Rosemann called Wehrkamp born abt 1777. His mother was Catharina Elisabeth Luecke born abt 1767. I would love to hear from anyone working on these lines. Or if anyone knows where to look for any information on these families, any help would be great. I do know the Jobst was the leaseholder in the village of Natrup at the time of Juergen's birth.

And I just received the document that gave Juergen Henrich Wehrkamp permission to leave Hilter, Germany in 1836. I can't read German, so if anyone is willing to translate it for me. I can e-mail you a copy of the document. Thank you.

Thank you,