John Henry Meyer Oldenburg

Hello All,

I am searching for information on my ancestors. I would appreciate any help or information you might be able to supply.

Below is what I have so far:

Church book of parish Lutten (Vechta county):

Johann Henrich Meyer – Anna Maria Rake, Heuerleute in Norddollen

Son: Johann Henrich Meyer, 19 Aug, 1826 in Dollen (or Norddollen) parish Visbeck - married to Maria Anna Bockmannn (parents: Hermann Henrich Bockmann and Maria Gertrud Pund)

Son: Franz Anton Meyer, Heuerleute by Holting 02 Jun, 1835 in Lutten to Maria Elisabeth Brand (p: Johann Henrich Brand and Elisabeth Zurborg)
Children: 21 May, 1838 Lutten, Johann Heribert
                   20 May, 1840 Lutten, Catharina Maria
                   17 Jun, 1842 Lutten, Maria Gertrud
                   03 Dec, 1844 Lutten, Johann Henrich (I am direct descendant – he was my Great-Great Grandfather) – emigrated to United States via Baltimore, Maryland with one of his sisters around the age of 23.
                 (Godparents: Johann Henrich Themann, Maria Catharina Kohl, Priest: Krumpelbeck)

I would greatly appreciate any additional information or direction for further research that you might have. For example, where would be a good place to look for information on date/ship taken.

Thank you very much,

Jamie L Meyer
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