Johann August Hattorf(f) Sergeant in the KGL (Walter)

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One wonders if Johann August Hattorf could be an illegitimate son of one
of the Hattorf families mentioned above. In the Ortsfamilienbuch there
is no evidence of that.

Hi Walter

:-)))))))) That was my idea too. And i think i have a certain proof that it
could be so. I found this at

_New York Petitions for Naturalization_
( . Frederick A Vn hattore.

Indeed the picture is bright and clear visible the name is Frederick A. von
Hattorf there is no daubt and there was only one Frederick A living in NY in
those years ..... the son of Johann August Hattorff. But why did he say his
name is von Hattorf?

The first one in Uslar Hattorf, Johann Philipp, Erbherr, Oberfaktor was
nobled with his 2 brothers in the year 1733 but he had children before! And this
is the one who is under strong suspicion to be my ancestor too!

He married 1721 in Wernigerode/Harz one year before my ancestor Johann
Friedrich was born. And he got money from the Duke of Wernigerode for "his work".
And later that little Johann Friedrich who is my ancestor was getting a job
from the Duke of Wernigerode and stayed till the end of his life there.

The fact that Johann Philip v. Hattorff was "Eisenfaktor" means he had to
cut wood in the forests around Wernigerode (at this time he was not nobled he
was only Johann Philip Hattorff) and his wife was with him, so it may be my
ancestor is born in a lonely blockhouse in the forest and might have the same
fate as Johann August, cause this is the second i cant find. And i don't
think, that in those days families had only one son.