How do I start?

Sorry, my German is zero. Could you tell me in English what you need me to do?

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   A lot of the people on this list speak / write English, and are very
   knowledgeable about the German settlements and people in the eastern
   areas. Just write what you're looking for and be as specific as
   possible. You will be surprised at what you get back.

   For example I am looking for:

   Anyone that has information on the MENKE family - particularly -
   CHRISTOPH MENKE (also spelled MANKE) married to EMILIA BRANDT
   (daughter of GOTTLIEB BRANDT & D---KNORR).

   CHRISTOPH MENKE born about 1831 and EMILIE BRANDT about 1854 around
   the German area in Poland of Babiak, between Wloclawek and Konin.

   Emilie Brandt had 3 brothers Heinrich, Johann, and Gottlieb Brandt.
   Christoph Menke and Emilie and the 3 brothers went further east into
   VOLHYNIA before coming to America in 1907.

   Thanks, Chris Menke