Holz / Holst / Holtz in Mecklenburg


My paternal ancestors came to the U.S. from Mecklenburg. Their birth records & marriage records give these villages as those where they were born or lived at one time. From Kambs near Roebel, Sembzin, Sietow-Poppentin and Carlow. However, these records were from the Cathedral in Ratzeburg. Why so far away ??

Could anyone tell me something about these villages ? ? I have searched but find nothing about them in the late 1700's or the 1800's. I suppose they are very small. I have a film ordered from the Family History Center to see if I can locate my great great grandmother's place of birth. She was Catherine Dorothea Holtz [her maiden name]. the earliest record I have is the record of her son Heinrich's birth in 1814.

Any help would be much appreciated. I read this list daily [I follow surnames in the German] and find you all very helpful to one another.

Thank you,
Phyllis Smith custom1retired@hotmail.com