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I am researching these names from Mecklenburg:


Roehrdanz/ Regedanz

This is the first time I have seen Roehrdanz in emails. I would have to check
at home to see if spelling the same, but it must be close. My Schroeder's
come from Warsow, very small village near Neustrelitz I believe. Roehrdanz
must be somewhere near there. Immigrated in 1880's or there abouts. Could
there be any connection.

John Rodenburg
Springfield, IL

for location I recommend


There are two Warsow's in Mecklenburg, but no one near

1, parish Schorrentin, 13 km north of Malchin
2, parish Warsow, near Zachun, 12 km southwest of Schwerin

There is a Wustrow near Neustrelitz..

Hans-Dietrich Gronau

President of the Verein für mecklenburgische Familien- und
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