Hilfe mit der schrift bitte

Dear Members

Can some one please help with deciphering the attached Marrige Record.

Record number 4 Asche - Ahrens

I have attached the Page with the Marriage record.

Liebe Leser

Ich hoffe das mir jemand helfen kan die beigelegte Heirats eintragung zu entzifern.

Ich bedanke mich im voraus fuer jede hilfe

Holger Asche


keine Anhänge über die Liste !

Sende mir mal den Anhang zu !

Ich versuche es zu entziffern.

Mail : w.f.naegeler@gem.de

Viele Grüße


Hi Holger:

I am not sure it is still the list's policy, but attachments are/were
deleted for security. Someone will probably volunteer to decipher it
for you. then you can send the attachment directly to them. While I can
not read German, I have a copy of Edna M Bentz "If I can you can

It is very helpful and I can give it a try if no one else responds.

Gale Bosche

Searching Bosche and residents of Anderten Hoya, many of whom emigrated
to Crawford County, Iowa.

Hello Holger,

I offer to read it over and try to translate it.

Please state where it is from.

Send to


Kay Diers
Of rural Twin Cities Minnesota