Hattorffs in the KGL

Hi Rena

Wow nice to hear from you, you have a lot of informations for me. Yes i
always new that their was a second Hattorff serving in the KGL. Even his name is
not in the list. His name was Georg Heinrich von Hattorff he was one of the
nobled line of our family. He was fighting at Salamancar and Waterloo against
Napoleon. He was a captain or in those days they called him "Rittmeister" what
is the same like Captain.

He is no secret to me. But with your help i have now the adresses of the
curches in Uxbridge. I am sure that Frederick August is born there. The first
born children of Johann August were born in England the next two in Germany.
The secret is why did Johann August disband in 1824 most of his comrads are
disbandes in about 1816 after Waterloo.

Was it his father in law who would like to see him longer in Great Britain?
Maybe Mr. Brookes was in the army too.

And i wonder why i could find Johann August in the LDS files but not his son
Frederick A.

Usually their should be files at the LDS church.

Thank you so much for your assitance.


Hello to everybody searching (von) Hattorfs,
sorry, but I could not follow the whole discussions about this family. So,
maybe, I am going to tell you things which may be well-known already.
In the books of the Garnisonskirche (garrison church) in Stade 2 children
of Hans Ludwig Borries von Hattorf, (Rittmeister und Schwadronchef, 1850 he
was in the squad of the K�nigin-Husaren) and his wife Anna von Mengersen
were born and baptized:
1. Hans Louis Georg, * 25.05.1850 (~ 20.06.1850) and
2. Leontine Ferdinande Dorette, * 28.06.1851 (~ 24.07.1851)
As I only have copies of the years between 1779 and 1852 there may be
further children born in that parish.

Also 2 daughters of
Georg von Hattorf (1851: Generalmajor a.D.) married in that parish:
Auguste Charlotte married 04.04.1851 Friedrich Georg Wilhelm von Plato from
Kreien in Mecklenburg. Hauptmann (Captain) in the 4th infantry regiment, and
Sophie Justine Jeanette married 20.02.1849 Carl von Engelbrechten, Premier Leutnant in the Garde du Corp

I wonder if this could of a help to somebody. Maybe there is some supplementary information on the above persons available. Thanks in advance for any information.
J�rgen E.W. Meyer

es ist geschenkt f�r Armin! :slight_smile:

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