Hanoverian soldiers


Dear all,

If anyone does want the book in Kew at the National Record Office,
London looking through for names, I can make a trip there
but I don't live in London, so it may take a while.
I looked up my Opperman ancestor in it, imagining that there would be
one or two whom I knew to be living in London, and found over a dozen.
This must mean soldiers were being recruited for it in over for the
Napoleonic war, or that they had come over from the already existing
Hanoverian regiment.

The information it gives is in this form:

Oppermann Charles Pte 5th Co 7th Line.

That's all there is. As a starting point.



If you go there, I would certainly appreciate any info regarding my FEHLIG
ancestor and his brother. He/they was/were in the Battle of Langensalza

Bob Doerr in the beautiful Missouri Ozarks

an ancestor of mine (different branch of the family but related) left the English German Legion, married, and settled in Uxbridge. His son then went to the USA. Their name was HATTORF. I have found them at their military base in Ipswich, the return of one of them to Hannover, but cannot find the one who settled in Uxbridge. The period was the wars with Napoleon.
- Michael