Hannover Emigration Index

Here is a success story. First, I want to thank Barbara for posting all of the information and instructions for the on-line Hannover Emigration Index. I found my great great grandfather Heinrich WIEDEBUSCH and family on the list. Unfortunately the archives didn't respond to my request. Fortunately, I found an excellent researcher who goes to the Hannover area twice a year to visit her sister and do genealogy work. She located the list which gave the name of the village, Meinbrexen, for Heinrich. She was able then to take parts of the line back to the early 1600s. And from that record I have the village of my great great grandmother, Louisa GIESLER--Lauenf�rde. This is a line that I never thought that I would be able to locate because I only had the general locations of Hannover and Braunschweig to go by. Than you Barbara. Carol DuPaix