Hannover Army and other Records- England database

Hallo Listers,
The British government has finally started to put some names on their Public
Record Office (PRO) website www.pro.gov.uk you can search the catalogue at:-


If you are unlucky with your search for variable spellings of a surname,
enter the given name only, with any luck you will get the 13,000 I got! I
have not been as lucky as the lady in England who visited the archives in
Kew, Richmond, England and within an hour had found over 10 naturalisation
papers, which gave details of parents, churches, and details of the journeys
to England of several of her family lines.

Here are some examples of what can be found in the old War Office (WO),
Foreign Office (WO) and naturalisation/Denizen papers (HO). For historians
there are also official documents.

WO 97/1178/336
CONRAD EHLERS Born BERKEL, Hanover Served in King's German Legion Discharged
aged 45 : years 1805-1814

HO 45/9288/4850
Nationality and Naturalisation: VON RONN, Hermann Sebastian, from Hannover.
Certificate A409 issued 11 July 1871. 1871

HO 45/9385/45780Nationality and Naturalisation: STRUVER, Herman Gustav
Louis, from Hanover. Certificate A1662 issued 4 August 1875. 1875

HO 45/9397/50516Nationality and Naturalisation: THIELE, August Herman, from
Prussia. Certificate A1788 issued 14 January 1876. 1876
HO 45/9423/59771Nationality and Naturalisation: WEHRS, Herman, from Germany.
Certificate A2087 issued 6 December 1876. 1876
HO 45/9424/60213Nationality and Naturalisation: PASCHKE, Gustav Herman, from
Germany. Certificate A2095 issued 13 December 1876. 1876

FO 925/3768 Plan der Koeniglichen Residenz Stadt Hannover, der Vorstaedte
Hannover und Glocksee und der Gemeinde Linden, mit Bezeichnung der
oeffentlichen Strassen im ausserstaedtischen Districte. 1:4,000. Schrader's
Successors, Hannover. 1854.

SP 105/60 To [Vernon]. Acknowledges letters of three posts from England, of
Jan. 5/15, 9/19 and 12/22. Reminds him that he has not yet had any notice
from the treasury or his banker at Hamburg [Francis Stratford] that 33,333
rixdollars are ordered to be remitted. Avers that if it had not been for the
irresoluteness of the Vienna court regarding Sch�ning's liberty, the
alliance could have been perfected. 1694 Jan. 30 [Dresden]

FO 925/4182Dislokationskarte des Deutschen Heeres und seiner Grenznachbarn.
Herausgegeben von Dr Hermann Mueller. 4 Autlage. 1:3,250,000. Carl Flemming,
Glogau. [1900]

Good luck,
Rena in England (researching Hermann FLEMME b1854; Conrad EHLERS b1831)