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a friend search for Heinrich Gottbehode emigrated about 1841 from Damme to Cincinnati.
He married about 1845 in Cincinnati and produced 1847 a doughter Maria Katharina Gottbehode.
She married later to a Hudepohl in Cincinnati.

Can anyone check the Census 1850 or 1860 for date of birth and others of Heinrich Gottbehode?

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Werner Honkomp

No 1850 census found.

1860 Ohio census:
Mary Gottbehode in Sycamore Township, Hamilton County, OH

1860 US census - Reading, Hamilton, OH:
No Henry/Heinrich.
Mary, age 35, EBY 1824, born Germany
Levica, age 4, EBY 1855, born Ohio

Friedrich Gottbehode, age 30, immigrated from Bremen to Baltimore,
arriving 08 Nov 1865. Place of origin, "Oldenaburg."

Fr. Gottbehode immigrated from Bremen to New York, arriving 6 Oct 1857.
Place of origin, Domme. EBY 1837.

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Hallo Werner,
     There were not many Gottbehode families in the United States in 1850 or 1860
nor in 1870!
     I found only one family in the wole country in 1850 with a small difference
in spelling; They were in Cincinnati:

John H. GOTTBEHOEDE [GOTTBEHÖDE ?],a Shoemaker, 28, born in "Germany"
Mary GOTTBEHOEDE, 25, born in Germany
Eliza GOTTBEHOEDE, 2 months old [census date 18 Oct 1850], born in Ohio
In the same house lived:
Bernard SANPER, also a Shoemaker, 24, born in "Germany"
Fredrick LONG, a Cooper, 24, born in "Germany"
Agnes GOTTBEHOEDE, 26, born in Germany

Hi Werner:

Long time

Just to add to the information you've already receiced. It looks like there was a large number of Hudepohls located in Campbell Co., Kentucky. This is one of the three counties located across the Ohio river from Cincinnati, Ohio. The largest city is Covington, so many may have been located there.

Gary Stoltman
Mercerville, NJ

Hi Werner,

I can't answer your question, but you may want to know that Hudepohl was (or
is) a major beer brewer in Cincinnati for a long time. When I lived in
Cincinnati in up until the 1980s, Hudepohl and Schoenling and Burger were
the last of dozens of original German-origin brewers. I think Hudepohl
might still be in business, but with all the mergers and acquisitions in
that business I'm not sure.


Hi to those interested in Hudepohls and Cincinnati.

Try this URL:


Hello Gale,
thank you for the link. Yes I know the story about the Hudepohl Brewery. I have the book "Cincinnati's Breweries" - very interesting. The origin of the Hüdepohl ist Rieste in Osnabrück county.

Hello Gary,
we assume, that Maria Katharina Gottbehode married to the owner of the Hudepohl Brewery, but not sure.
Could it be, that the Browery owner Hudepohl lived in Cambell Co., Kentucky?

Hello Cindy and Don Roddy,
thank you for the information. I think this is the right persons.
Don Meyer found also the dead record:
Johann Henrich Gottbehoede, Febr. 2,1850, 25 years

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