Germans to America, 1850-1874 lookup

I am researching the emigration of two relatives from Germany to America
(they came separately). I found possible references to both of them in the
Germans to America, 1850-1874 list. I'm hoping someone may be able to do a
lookup for me.

The first name is Christ JAECKEL/JECKEL (the surname was spelled both ways
in the index). According to a newspaper account I that I have, he came to
America about 1851 or 1852. He was born in 1827, so he would have been
about 25 years old when he arrived in America.

The other name is Franz JACKEL/JAECKEL/JECKEL (the surname was spelled all
three ways in the index). He reportedly came to America between 1848 and
1852. He was born in 1825, so he would have been between 23 and 27 when he
arrived. I have a naturalization that says he departed from Hamburg - maybe
this will help match him in the index as well.

If anyone can take a look for me, that would be great. Thanks for your