Fred, Laura
I couldn't agree with you more.
Take it easy on the guy, he was double parked and was afraid that the FHL cop
would send him to jail without going past GO, so he wouldn't be able to
collect his $200.
It's amazing that people search the maillists for their ancestors, accept all
as fact, never asking for a source. I would have to assume that a gardener
would require his family tree to come potted.
It is wonderful to find someone who can share in your own ancestry, and the
internet has made this more open to that chance. But, not everything is on
the net. I find libraries, archives, books, maps, newspapers, etc, a lot more
interesting and productive that the net. There are many sites which are very
helpful, SSI Death Index for instance, many cemetery transcriptions, much
much more.
Why did he emigrate? A possible answer is, had he stayed, he would have been
hung!!!!! Think about it, there are probably a million different answers. He
left, leave it at that.
Guenter in Michigan, Immigrant