[Genealogy.net-users-en] FW: German characters

Hello, I just joined this list a week or so ago.
I have been seeing all the messages on the German Characters. I was
wondering if anyone knew of the freeware program GermanAssistant (formerly
known as Umlaut Assistant). It can be found at this site
(http://www.geocities.com/visualfantasy_studio/) go down to GermanAssistant
and click on this to get to the download page.
Server 1 is in Winzip and Server 2 is in a self extracting form.

I was not sure if using url's for something like this is allowed so I
thought I would go to the list manager. It is a very simple program and it
is free. I happened to find it by accident in searching for different
methods to use.
Hope this might help others trying to add umlaut's to their messages.

Neal Warber (nwchief43@yahoo.com).
Troy, MT

Searching for the past from the present.