Genealog/Ullrich & Boller

I am trying to get information on my Grandparents from Hesse/Darmstadt. My Grandparent both came from there to the United States.
John ULLRICH and Elizabeth BOILER both listed their Birthplace as being here. They are listed on our 1880 Census here in the United States and married. These were my Mothers Parents. My Mother Tina ULLRICH is not listed as she was not born until NOV, 2, 1880.
I am trying to find some traces to information on these Grandparents.
I believe John Ullrich was born 1840 and died in 1896 in Chicago, IL.
Elizabeth was born in 1843 died in 1906 in Chicago, IL.
Information that I have found in Illinois, list him as coming with his father perhaps in 1853? Perhaps the ULLRICH and BOLLER Families were friends and settled here in the United States together?

Any help in regards to the above would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you for your time.