Geise Families

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My g-g grandmother came to America 1865-1866 from Oldenburg, Germany. She
would spend the remaining years of her life in Quincy, Illinois. I have reason to
believe that her father was, Johann Heinrich August Geise (b. 1806). In
Quincy, Illinois, I have found a lifetime trail of Heinrich Arnold Geise (b. 1809)
who I believe to be the brother of Johann Heinrich August Geise. My
g-g-grandmother, Catharina Maria Anna (known as Mary) Geise (Ambros Zehnle) past away in
1912. In her obituary it states that she was survived by her husband, seven
sons and one daughter. Also surviving, were brothers, Henry, Bernard, Fredrich,
all living in the United States and JOSEPH GEISE of Oldenburg. No mention of
her parents was made.
Does anyone have knowledge of this family or how I would be able to track
them in Oldenburg (Borringhausen, near Damme).
Thank you for any help you may offer.

Sue Rybar

You can track these people in Oldenburg by checking the church records of the
Damme parish. They go back to the 1600's, with varying degrees of
legibility. They can be accessed by going to your local Morman family history center
and ordering the films for the parish.

You were correct that there was a Joan Henrich (no August listed in the name)
Geise born in Damme's parish on April 25, 1806 and a Henrich Arend Geise born
in Damme parish on April 7, 1809. They were brothers and their parents were
Bernd Geise and Maria Macke. Henrich Arend's record also has a note that he
died on December 5, 1880 in Quincy (Amerika). Johan Henrich's record notes
that he was married on May 14, 1839 in Damme.

If you know your grandmother's date of birth (approx), you could easily
determine from the records whether she came from Damme and who her parents were.
The baptismal records are available past 1865-66, when you say she came to

Good luck,