[G-P-L] mailing list - facebook

Cathy wrote:

Is this mailing list going to go away since the Facebook page is set up?

Cathy, you can be assured that nothing is going to change with the mailing lists.
Facebook is just an additional tool we can use..

I'm probably one of the few people not on Facebook.

We have no problems with that, and you still can make a limited use of our website without being
involved with Facebook at all.

Hope people keep using this mailing list too.

Well, this is something where we have no influence since it is a lot easier to work with Facebook even
with the few dis-advantages..

Cathy Researching: Claycamp, Gerlach, Grindle, Magin, Mersinger, Reader, Singleton

For example you can enter the surnames you are researching and get a page on the web for
your own use.. Take a look: http://www.germanyroots.com/facebook/

Have a nice long weekend,