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"Karl-Heinz Becker" <khbecker@farmerstel.com> writes:

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Date sent: Wed, 3 Dec 2003 19:51:14 -0600

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Dear List Administrator:
I belong to dozens of genealogical and other lists, but this one
is to my knowledge the ONLY list, that uses the "highly
questionable" and arbitrary right to retain a message for
further second approval by another "authority". In all fairness
to the sender AND the list members I would appreciate your
definition (in clear and understandable writing) of an
"acceptable" and "non-problematic" message that will meet
ALL of your criteria as well as a listing of any of your so-called
"suspicious" headers!! Furthermore I would also appreciate it,
if you would send this memo in its entirety PLUS your
answer to the list to prevent other avoidable (!!) bottlenecks of
this nature ! Thank You ! Karl-Heinz Becker (American by
choice, born in Germany by the grace of God)