Frederick Albert Seba and Meta Boettcher

Frederick Albert Seba born 31 July 1853 Hanover, Stadt Hanover, Niederscahsen, Germany and died 08 Feb 1838 in
Lorton, Nebraska USA.

Wife: Meta Boettcher born Sept 1854, Hanover, Stadt Hanover, Niederscahsen, Germany and died 23 April 1917
Pueblo, Colorado, USA.

Are there any records for their parents for these two.

Veldora Gavins

Hi Veldora:
   I have seven items:
   1. You list the birth places as "Hanover, Stadt Hanover" I believe
   that means they came from the City of Hannover. Can someone on the
   list indicate if this is true or false. If it is true, it will narrow
   Veldora's field of search.
   2. Is Frederick's death date 1938 instead of 1838?
   3. For the surname Boettcher, when searching in German records also
   keep in mind Böttcher.
   4. Once again, a question for the list. Is Meta a short or nickname?
   5. When did they come to the States?
   6. Were they married before or after coming to the States?
   7. Did they have any relatives come to the States? Sometimes it is
   easier to trace relatives.
   Good luck,

Hi gale:
2. Date of death was 1938, typing error..
3. I just found that Meta's father was Casten Heinrich Botjer from Leeste, Sieke, Kingdom of Hanover. Spelling
     changed to Boettcher in USA.
4. Meta (Martha) Boettcher was her name according to a relatives records.
5. Arrived in USA 26 Nov 1859 in New Orleans on the ship Edmund.
6. Married 2 July 1877 in Missouri, USA.
7. I have a list of Meta's sisters and brothers. None for Frederick Albert Seba who was my great grandfather.
Thank you for you help.
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