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I am looking for information on my Great-grandfather BornJune22,1855 in Hannover Kingdom. He came to the US in 1864 as a 9 yr. old boy.His name in English was William Henry Feld. I have no knowledge of his parents name, or if he had sieblings. We had the impression they were deceased.There must be Birth and death records somewhere,and someone must have sponsored him here in the US.

have your found his naturalization declaration of intention? They are
usually dispersed with court records. That should tell exact date and port
he came into.

Lady Bonita
Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas, USA

If your William Henry Feld catholic then could he came from the former "Kreis(county) Lingen" now Emsland.
The emigration book of "Kreis Lingen" shows some Feld but not yours.
The parishes are: Lengerich, Freren, Emsbühren


You might check to see if there are other FELD
researchers and contact them.


Lady Bonita
Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas, USA

     You may find these two websites interesting (unless you have seen them
before): (maybe a contact or two for you)

Sorry I can't be of more help,

Hi Virginia:

Unfortunately many "Felds" were a shortened version of names such as
Schufeld, Feldman, etc.

Here's one [Obviously all are not the same man but could include son,
grandson, etc]:

      Database: Worcester, Massachusetts City Directory, 1890