Family name

Hi. From down under,

Can you help me. Looking for any information on Laura Tanzler. Petra Bauer
and August Tanzler Laura came to Australia about 1874. Gwen

Hi Gwen,

     Do you have any other information about the Tanzler family? What part
of Germany did they come from? Could the name have been spelled Tenzler?
I take it that Laura's parents are Petra Bauer and August Tanzler.

    Go to this page and you can see the distribution of the name in

    The name spelled Tanzler has only 2 entries. Spelled with the umlaut
(Tänzler) you will find quite a number (239) scattered all over Germany.
Tenzler shows 76 entries.

   If you have no information beyond their names, it won't be an easy find.
There are thousands with the name Bauer. Have you looked for bible records,
church records, marriages, census records etc? Did Laura go to Australia by
herself or did her parents go, too?

  I wish you luck!

Hi. From down under,