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je suis à la recherche de renseignements sur la généalogie de ma famille Assenmacher.

Voici quelques renseignements connus :
Mon Grand-pére, Charles (époux de Minie MURPHY) est né à Bruxelles le 13/03/1894. Son père, Emile (époux de ? GERPOT), est né à Mulheim am Rhein en 1859.

Merci pour votre aide.

Bien cordialement,

Christophe Assenmacher

On Tuesday, January 10, Christophe Assenmacher posted a query on the
Assenmacher family. I am researching the ASSENMACHER Family from
Walberberg, Kries Bonn, Rheinland.

My ancestors are Cornelius ASSENMACHER, born in Walberberg about 1774, died
in Walberberg on 17 February 1837. Married Veronica BOLLENBECK/BOLLENBECKER
about 1799 in Walberberg.

Cornelius' son Heinrich ASSENMACHER, born in Walberberg 25 April 1812, died
in Hartford, Wisconsin, USA on 24 November 1884. Married Sibilla SCHMITZ on
11 May 1837 in Walberberg.

Heinrich's son Peter ASSENMACHER, born in Walberberg on 10 September 1841,
died in Hartford, Wisconsin, USA on 29 January, 1903. Married Katherine
KREILKAM[P in Hartford on 4 September, 1867.

I am interested in anyone researching this family.

Laura in Wisconsin, USA

Hello Laura,
I'm also interesting by Assenmacher 'ancestors.
You know more than I about our family, but I 'm surching and i'll tell you if I find a connection between our 2 family trees. I also have a Cornelius A. but no informations about him.
Best reguards

I tried to send this directly to Christophe but it was rejected by my email
provider. Sorry to the rest of the list.

Hello Christophe,

Thank you for your reply. I am happy that you write English so well, my
German skills are very limited. Do you live in Belgium? Your email address
has "be" at the end and I think that is Belgium.

Cornelius Assenmacher was the son of Peter and Veronica (Engels)
Assenmacher of Walberberg. Cornelius was born about 1783 in Walberberg and
died there on February 17, 1837. He married Veronica Bollenbeck(er) about
1799. She was the daughter of Johann and Bertrud (Engels) Bollenbecker.
They had nine children. The records are in the Sechtem civil records. I
have not looked at the records after 1850 for the people who remained in

1. Peter, born 1800-died after 1850
2. Johann, born April 13, 1802, died 1802-03
3. Johann, born March 7, 1804, died 1804-1811
4. Mathias, born January 22, 1809
5. Johann, born May 30, 1811
6. Heinrich, born April 25, 1812, died Nov 24, 1884 in USA (my great-great
7. Marie Anne, born September 29, 1814
8. Gerhard, born August 4, 1817
9. Peter Joseph, born March 1, 1820, died in USA

You may be related to one of Cornelius's sons that remained in Germany and
did not emigrate to the USA. Another man who is also researching the
Assenmacher family says all the Assenmachers are related. Mullheim is not
very far from Walberberg.

My ancestors settled in Michigan, Wisconsin and Kansas in the 1840-1850's.
There is another branch of Assenmachers in Minnesota and one in Louisiana
that might be related to my ancestors. I have a lot of information on the
Assenmacher's in the USA. Most of them were either brewers or shoemakers or

I visited Walberberg a few years ago and have photos of the village and
church. Please let me know if you want any more information. I look
forward to working with you to research the Assenmacher family.

Laura in Wales, Wisconsin

Hello Laura,
Yes, I'm living in Belgium (Brussels). I'm surgeon (urologist).
My father (Charles) is born in Brussels in 1927. His fathe r, also Charles,
is born in Brussels in 1894. His father, my great-great father, Emile, is
born in about 1859 in Mulheim am Rhein and married to Minnie MURPHY born in
Washington. Her father was Chas MURPHY born in Stockport (UK) and emigrated
to US (California). He was diplomate and came in Belgium for the ambassy.
I'm searching informations about Emile 's father. His mother was, I think,
GERPOT. He had One brother : Gustav, and 2 sisters : Cornelia and Charlotte.

Did you Know these informations I received by mail :
Regarding to the Deutsche Geschlechterbuch, Bd. 99 (Eifeler
Geschlechterbuch, Bd. 1) the 1st members of this family were Thei� and
Wilhelm ASSENMECHER. They were mentioned in 1549 in the books of the Castel
to Schleiden as a payers of rent. (Archiv of the Duke of Axenberg in

Merten ASSENM�CHER of Remagen was mentioned as godfather in Oberwinter am
Rhein in 1673. While the Assenmacher at the Rhein area (near Cologne) where
mainly catholics, the Axmacher of the Eifel area where reformed. M�lheim am
Rhein today is K�ln-M�lheim.
If you have some more informations for trying to join our origins, you are
Best reguards
ps : Laura, what is your direct mail? it would be easier. Thank's.