See lost of Turley families in towns listed above.
Looking for Twin Girls, Cinthia and Susan
best guess Born 1805 ( Old handwritting hard to read)
Do not know if family was loyal to brother
of Napeolian or Prussian. Girls lived through
their village between two armies, Maybe 7, 8 or 9
carried in long lines of refugees. Brought over to
USA for fear their lives were endangered.
Help Anyone Please.
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         Shreveport, LA 71105 USA

Hello Bobby,

if you are looking for ancestors from Dolberg, Ahlen and Beckum
please try this site:

Best regards.

Bobby Ggilliam schrieb:

Thank you. Turley twins not found, yet.
Lots of Turley records. They were
brought over to usa for fear of their lives.
Sad, I cannot figure out yet.
Bobby E. Gilliam
Professional Geologist