DARBE and BENZIN Surnames

I am new to this list and was wondering if you could point me in a good direction to find out which part of Mecklenburg my relatives derived from? I have been on a dead-end search since 1985 and was just given this lead. I do know they both came to the US with their families in 1873 on the ship the SS Holsatia. I copied the manifest. Unfortunatly it just lists "Germany" as the place they came from.
I have very little to go on and would love a bit of direction to determine where to start narrowing down the search.

Thank You for any help you may lend.

Sue Cieslak

Hi Sue,
when you know already the ship, did you look into the boarding list of the German harbour ?
Greetings from Hamburg
Hans Juergen

Sue Cieslak schrieb:

Sue, Have you tried every source available in this country to identify a
region or town in Germany? Some sources to check would be wills/probate,
naturalization, and land records. They might give you a town or region to
work on. Until you can narrow it down I'm not sure how to proceed.

I am not familiar with the boarding list. Where would I find that?


Hi Sue,
came the ship from Hamburg or Bremerhaven ?
Hans Juergen

Sue Cieslak schrieb:

Hi Hans,

The SS Holsatia (1868) Hanburg American Line

Hi Sue,
when you are sure that they arrived N.Y, 15. May, you have to seek the German
Emmigration List about 1. May, just yesterday I read in a book, that they sailed
6 weeks, but the SS needed only 33 % of the time.
Perhaps exists a passenger - list of the SS Holsatia ?
A very good help for lokalities is the seeking - maschine <http://www.MFPev.de>
but this shows only lokalities from Mecklenburg.
The idea telefonbook is not so good, better are the SCHUBERTwedding register,
most go to 1800, but some go to 1825. Perhaps you can get them in your library.
Thats a very good help when you go back, because you can look back until
-b-eginning of the churchbooks about 1650, some are still older.Another way is the
Census 1819, this dates are filmed by the mormon church.
How did you find out, that they came from Mecklenburg ?
Now I go in holydays until end of April.
Greetings from Hamburg
Hans Juergen

Sue Cieslak schrieb:


Have a wonderful, relaxing vacation. I just ordered the microfilm from April
15-May 15th leaving Hamburg. I can't wait until it comes.
As far as "how I found out they came from Mecklenburg"...that one is a tough
one. The Benzins, Chas (Carl and his wife and family were on the ships
manifest directly above my Darbe's. I didn't connect the two until last week
when I found the Detroit, Michigan marriage record for one of Johann and
Carole Frederika's children. This listed the fathers name (Johann Darbe) and
mother's maiden name (Frederika Benzin). After finding the DARBE family in
the 1880, 1900, and 1910 census here in Michigan, I went to the city
directories. For 5 years Johann and one of their sons worked for Carl/Chas.
Benzin. I know it isn't concrete, but pretty good lead.
The only concern I have is the trouble I am having pin pointing DARBE in
Mecklenburg. (which was listed for the Benzin family in the census.) When I
searched the German Phone book, I only came up with 2 DARBE's. One in
Bovaria area and the other, I can't pinpoint. I guess I could believe
Bavaria, because people seem surprised when I say DARBE is German. My father
remembers his father and mothers family being German and they belonged to
the first German church here in Detroit, back in 1880. This is my mystery
family. But...I am determined!

Have a great vacation...be safe.