Calenberg and Hackenstedt


That would be so wonderful. Thank you so much! Even if we can just find
out for sure that this is the right place I would be deeply grateful.

This is what I know.

The people I am looking for consistently say they are from Hanover.

The ship record lists the country of birth as Hackonstadt. There could be
several variations on the handwriting. It could be Hachanstadt, etc.

The ship record lists the land of legal residence as Grossanheim. Again
there could be other variations on the handwriting. I think that just means
county but I don't know for sure.

A marriage record lists Hogenstedt. As you know, when you have these
spelling problems it's almost impossible to pinpoint the right spot. The
possibilities are numerous.

So, these are the people I am looking for:

Maria Sophia Reinecke, born 7 Mar 1812

Her husband, from the death certificate of her son, was Philip Basse. The
husband never shows up here, so I assume he died in Germany, but maybe not.
She and her son Philip came to America in June of 1854. Sophia marries a man
named Eilers in October of 1855 in St. Louis. So, since the husband isn't with
them on the ship and since she marries so soon after getting here...I assume
he never came.

Sophia has two children that I know of:

Sophia Elizabeth Basse born about 1837 and
Heinrich Philip Basse born 21 May 1840

Philip Basse the son is my great grandfather, so finding him is really
important to me.

There is perhaps one other thing I should add. When Sophia dies in 1879 she
is buried in a cemetery plot owned by a man named Louis Bosse. He
consistently spells his name Bosse and my family consistently spells their name Basse.
Once again I am assuming, but if she is buried in his cemetery plot surely
they are related somehow? He is a doctor and I just found his ship record.
His ship record says he is from Kahlenberg. There again, the spelling
variations are so numerous and the place possibilities are so many...

I did find a town named Calenberg near Hackenstedt so...I hope I am not
grasping at straws. I don't think so. The LDS don't have any films for
Hackenstedt that will help me at all.

So, here's hoping you can find something. The birth dates of both mother
and son should help you be able to look pretty easily, I hope.

Again, thank you so much for this. I really appreciate it.


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one question before I start the hunt: were your ancestors catholic or protestant?
I can only check the protestant church records the catholic books are at the central archive in Hildesheim and it is not possible to look at the books but only at microfiche, I think.
In that case I would need to ask you to write to the archive yourself; if they were lutheran, I can get access to the actual church books, which I will gladly do.


Hi Janet,

    I have spent hours (!) looking for your family. It is such a challenge -
there are so many clues and yet nothing fits perfectly. When I saw the
marriage record in St. Louis, there are those names of Wehlenberg and
Hogenstedt which are a real challenge.

   Bear with me--- I wonder if the area of Celle may be the correct place.
First I tried to find Wehlenberg. There is one in Bavaria but there is also
a reference in a place in the town of Osterloh (which is southeast of
Celle). Then to the northwest of Celle is a GroßHehlen (Grossanheim?).
Further north of is the town of Hustedt.

    Then, I checked the telephone book of Germany for the city of Celle and
surrounding area. These are what I found: I found the name Basse 6 times,
Bosse 25 times, Reinecke 36 times, Eilers 9 times.

   In the town of Hackenstedt I found only the name of Eilers (7 times) and
none of the other names. They were listed in Holle, a neighboring town.

    I'm addicted to research and I don't want to mislead you at all. Those
names are quite common in the Germany:
Basse 473/ Bosse 3041/ Reinecke 3351/ Eilers 3378/
  So, you see, my little scenario may be totally wrong!!! You do have a
challenge there. I wish you luck and let us know when you get it all figured



If you are looking in the church archives in Hildesheim, would you also keep an eye out for August Jageau or Ann/Anne Jageau. They would have been Lutheran. Possibly came from Luhnde, which is close to Hildesheim. Just a thought if you are looking!...Thanks. DB

sorry , but this will not work, even if it seems to be close. The church records or Luehnde probably still are with this church ; perhaps you can contact the church via
Martinstr. 9
31191 Algermissen
Tel.: (05126) 2340
Fax: (05126) 314464