Borstelmann's Zufallsfunde V und Schlu�


Have photograph 1957 Lunenburg? Has accent circles over the spelling.

The people are:
Mimi? Wendt
Hans Wendt
Martha Schmidt

Was developed at Drogerie Wahrenberg Bergedorf.

I am supposing that the Martha Schmidt in the photo is a sister or relative to my grandmother Dora Schmidt. Only guessing. I don't know for certain. Dora was born 25 Sept 1900 and Dora died 11 July 1964. I was to little to ask about her relatives. Surely she had some. I have photos of visit she made back to Germany in 1932. She immigrated in 1926. She used to live in Sande, near Bergedorf at Billstrasse 1. (This I learned from her passenger papers on the ship Duetchland).