BARTLING, (Maria) Dorothea


I have the following in my ancestral tree:

Ilse Catherine Marie Bartling was born (perhaps about 1758 in Hagen?)
Germany, and died some time after March 29, 1778 (the date her daughter
Catherine Marie Dorothea Louise Buesing was born). She married Johann
Heinrich Buesing. Catherine Marie Dorothea Louise Buesing was born March
29, 1778, Empede, Hannover, Germany, and died May 16, 1847, Empede,
Hannover, Germany.

Empede and Hagen are not too far from Welze. Perhaps there is a

Ilse Bartling was my 6th great grandmother.

Tim Bode


Tim -

Perhaps but I have no other information on my Marie Louise Bartling.

Shall we try Bode? I have Catharine Dorothee Bode married August Engelke.
No birth or marriage dates known but a daughter Catharine Dorothee Eleonore
Elisabeth Engelke was born 23 Jul 1782 possibly in Helstorf.