Auswandererliste 1754 (2.mail)

Dear members of the list,
though most thoughts are these days bound to other themes, there may be also
sense in continuing the usual things to do. So I found back today an elder copy
of a list of immigrants, who went already in 1754 to Pennsylvania:

"228) Dec. 13, 1754. Ship Neptune, William Malam, Captaine from Hamburg, last
from Cowes - Inhabitants from Hamburg, Hanover, Saxony - 149 passengers
Andreas Schindler, Johan Simon K�hler
Gottfried Ficke, Hen.Anthon Bestaenbast,
Joh.Andreas Knochen, Joh.Martin Martine,
Nicolaus Albers, Joh.Christoph Zachries,
J.Gottlob Basler, Joh.Christian Werlisch,
Anthon G�nther, Andreas Jacob Emeyer,
Wilhelm Antheis, Johan Henrich Weidner
Ludwig Leib, Jerome Diederich Solfon,
Adam M�ller, Georg Christoph Maschcat,
Conrad Zorn, Joh. Christian Schrader,
Elias Israel, Joh.Gottlob K�ntzelman,
B.Christian Barkel, Joh.Abraham Glimpff,
Joh. Ernst Ziegler, Christian Gebhart Ziegler,
J.Peter Usbeck, Johan Heinrich Schlesse,
J.Christoph Urich, Conrad Schnogheim,
Joh.Offenh�user, Johan August K�nig,
W.Claar, Jac.Friedrich Shr�der,
Johannes Lebentraut, Henrich Frid. Stammann,
J.Christian Kucher, Christ. Hen.Jacobi,
Walter Wittmann, Georg Hen. Heller,
J.Caspar �rrig, Joh.Philp Alberti,
J.Christian K�hnman, Joh. Julius Sorge,
Christian Kalckbrenner, Joh.Gottfried Ritter,
Friederich Wiederhohl, John Kotter,
Christopher Guitelman, Peter Henry Trotz,
Joh.Henrich Sch�ffer, Johan Philip Stein."

This shiplist was printed in: Rupp, Daniel: Chronologisch geordnete Sammlung von
mehr als 30.000 Namen von Einwanderern in Pennsylvanien aus Deutschland, der
Schweiz, Holland, Frankreich u.a.Staaten von 1727 -1776, Leipzig: Verlag Degen &
Co 1931, S.348.

It would ne nice, if someone could tell me in case of already existing possibi-
lities to find exatly these days online. Otherwise I could give 3 more shiplists
of 1755 and 1756. Unfortunately that�s all I have copied from this book.

with best regards Hans Peter Albers

Check with "Lorine McGinnis Schulze" <> or at
  to see if the ships list you have are already on the web someplace. What she doesn't have on Olivetreegenealogy she has links to. Yvonne


     There is a website that has hundreds of immigration ships listed. You
can go to the search box and put in the name of the ship and it will lead
you to many passenger lists for that ship. You can also put in a person's
name. Or you can also search by the year or place of origin or place of
arrival. It is:

Thank you for all the work you do for the rest of us!