Antw: POLICE records c1820 - 1875

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The state archives in Hannover would be the appropiate place to go:
Niedersaechsisches Hauptstaatsarchiv, Am Archiv 1, 30169 Hannover,

You should include your complete postal address and tell them
how much money you intend to spend ...

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Falk Liebezeit 07/22 5:22 >>>

hello list from Australia,
my query is - what type of Police records would be in Archives for the above dates ?
Johann Carl Ernst SCHRADER was a Police officer and Prison Guard in Osterode am harz from c1838 - till c1872 .- where might I find those records ?
O am H dont seem to know much about the Policeforce and / or a Prison . It is a long time to be in one place so I am hoping to locate more info .
Does anyone have some suggestions ? He was not born there and seems to have died elsewhere - unknown though at this stage.
Thanks for ANY assistance Yvonne Marshall nee Brachmann.